I am glad you discovered me. I am a catalyst for change with a reputation for improving people’s financial lives. I am usually called upon during a crisis to provide practical solutions.

Are your decisions working for you? Would you like help sorting out what seems like an insurmountable ‘mess’?

I have the ability to embrace chaos and efficiently help people rebuild and creatively structure their material lives. There is an art and a science to creating a strong foundation in one’s financial life.

I have had an extraordinary and varied career as a Certified Public Accountant for twenty years and consider myself a financial detective.

When I discovered BG5 Consulting in 2006, I knew this was the missing link for quickly pinpointing key problems in small business’ productivity and profitability. Not all problems in business are due to lack of funds, however, no business can operate without proper funding. Revolutionizing the way we look at business design, BG5 can identify those core gaps in your business, the problem areas that ‘the numbers’ cannot reveal or resolve on their own.

BG5 Engineering is ideal for recruiting and placing people in their optimum work environments.

I am direct, efficient and a very good listener. I love empowering people to do what they do best and educating people how to make decisions as themselves.

It all starts with you.
Are you ready for a change?

Then please contact me:

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